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Tederic DE460/E1700

clamping force: 460 t

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Toggle structure with 5 pins and self-lock, lead to smooth mold open/close. Structure self-lock after high-pressure clamping, lenghten the service life of clamping ball screw.   Diagonally designed ejection structure driven by servo motor, more tranquilly and precisely.     Utilization of cylindrical roller linear guide that up-level the parallelism between molds, and improve the cleanless circumstance around mold by lubrication-free on tie bar for its guider function has been replaced.      

The central pressure created V-type toggle mechanism can remain consistent around the mold, keep the as low clamping force as possible. One piece casting design - long service life, less spar part. Screw driven by servo motor and transmission belt, flexible structure of tough adaptation. Long service life by NSK ballscrew and bearing. Supported by the world leading supplier, ensure the reliability.  

Inject Screw diameter mm 60 65 70
Screw L/D ratio L/D 21.7 20 18.6
Shot size cm3 792 929 1078
Injection weight (PS) g 720 846 981
oz 25.39 29.84 34.60
Injection pressure Mpa 217 185 160
Injection rate into air cm3/s 452 531 616
Screw rotation speed rpm 250
Clamping Clamping force KN 4600
Clamping stroke mm 810
Min. mold height mm 350
Max. mold height mm 820
Platen size mm 1260 x 1260
Tie bar distance mm 870 x 870
Ejector force KN 98.0
Ejector stroke mm 180
General Hopper capacity kg 50
Total power capacity kW 82
Heat power kW 31
Dimensions (LxHxW) m 8.55 x 2.10 x 2.10
Weight t 27

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