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Comprehensive injection molding equipment

Office appliance is mainly focused on the firmness and the durability application, SINO offers the kinds of solutions with the practical design to meet the customers’ satisfaction.







1.Pre-assembly with the nozzle, the manifold and the valve control device
2.Simplifying the mold design, shorten machining time to save the cost
3.The length of nozzle can be the custom-made
4.Convenient and easy for the maintenance




Practical design wide application on general resin products
Convenient maintenance
Gate size and the nozzle’s lenght can be customized
Standard parts for the quick replacement
Valve system
Good performance for GF filled resin
Pneumatic cylinder design
Standard design for the application


  Printer Tray
Material: PS
Weight: 450 g
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Nozzle type: PRM 35 vv
Paper Tray
Material: PS
Weight: 300g
Thickness: 2.3
Nozzle type: PRM 25 VC
  Top Cover
Material: PC+ABS+FR40
Weight: 450 g
Nozzle type: SSV 35 VV
  Small Top Cover
Material: PC+ABS+FR40
Weight: 350g
Thickness: 2.0mm
Nozzle type: SSV 25 VV
Material: ABS
Weight:  550g
Thickness: 2.3
Nozzle type::PRM 25 VV
  Paper Tray
Nozzle type:PRM 25 VC
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