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Comprehensive injection molding equipment


  TC heater
heater with the copper sleeve
evenly heat distribution
rapid heating up
  Tube heater
Having a balanced heating function
The nozzle body can be heated evenly
Ensure the runner temperature balance
Probe design
High precision of temperature scan
K\J type options
High stability
  MTC 3210
Intelligent temperature controller
PID control system
Touch screen, sequence control function included
Connection for the general data input or output.
Independent control unit
Multi-mode options under the different working environment precision temperature control is up to ? 0.01 ?
Alarms and automatic storage function soft-start and dehumidification function
  Time controller
Simultaneous control timer for the multi-gates
Parameter setting data can be automatic saved
Optional output voltage for both AC or DC
Manual operation function is available
Precise time control is up to 0.01S
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