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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

moon, boat and reflection in the water

When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Based on sentence said by Seneca company InAutom Poland Sp. z o.o. wants to show our clients, co-operators and workers our mision and vision. We know where is our harbor and we want to reach our goals. But what is goal without milestones? We trust that our co-operation will be base to achieve their milestones.

Failure to plan is planning to fail
Brian Tracy


We are Polish company which joins many years of experience our mother company InAutom and traditions with modern look for business. We changes our and our clients habits.


We want to be a leader at Polish market by supplying our clients the most advanced injection machines and peripherals. This is why you will find a lot of machins in our offer, eg:

  • from 45 to 7000 tonnes clamping force,
  • from hydraulics to fully electrics,
  • from standard to big injection volume (up to 530kg/shot).


We want to offer finest products for our customers. You can find us on market since 1986 so we have much knowledge and experience to give you what you really need and help to make your dream come true. Our company is well-known at the Western Europe and we want to build same mark over all Europe. Our young and energetic team is able to exchange each implementation into success. We want to be a professional and cooperate with everyone who needs best machines available at the moment. Our Sales deparment has been changed into mobile and flexible consulting team which will advise to make the most optimal set of machines to your satisfaction. Our consultans and salesmen want to meet you and your business now and give you best offer that suites you.

For our company the most value are people. This human potential create and shapes company image. This is why we want to invest in people by many intensive trainings and improving qualifications our personel to reaching our milestones and goals easier and gain a competitive advantage based on knowledge. Creating an atmosphere of teamwork, pen the modern vision has influence on the creativity on the entire staff. As a team we are more efficient. Together we strive to achieve success. Our employees can realize their professional apirations and gain confidence in the taken decisions. By motivated and well-organised team we want to continuously gain quality of service.

Traditions combined with modernity. There are certain manufacturing processes constant for years. With very advanced technology whole market develops and replaces old technology. Hence, more and more needs for injection molding services, and thus in hand, of course, purchases of new injection molding machines.

WE CREATING QUALITY” is our motto.


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