Transportation & Mobility

Transportation & Mobility

Driving vehicle innovation toward the mobility of the future

Vehicle manufacturers and their supply chain serve global markets characterized by increasing regulation and demanding customers. OEMs and suppliers alike need to deliver aesthetics and cutting edge innovation while carefully managing cost and targeting zero defects. Consumers want attractive and user-friendly vehicles that also incorporate advanced safety and convenience.

Customer buying behavior is fundamentally changing. Beyond aesthetic, economic, or driving characteristics, they make their buying decisions in a social and emotional context beyond technology. The new era of Transportation & Mobility will encompass social experiences – related to vehicles and to mobility as a whole. This is a fundamental change which requires a systemic approach.

Dassault Systemes Transportation & Mobility Solutions enable this step change that many global leaders are fully embracing. For decades, our market-leading applications have been used for immersive product design and manufacturing. Today they are extending the scope and leveraging 3D universes to build new social experiences related to mobility.

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